COLLABOR8 your Analytics and Compliance Partner

Collabor8 brings innovative solutions and thought leadership to the market, leveraging technologies like Cloud and Analytics and a business model that lowers the entrance costs for companies that want to leverage the Digital Economy.

Read how we helped azamTV get a better understanding of their customer base by leveraging IBM Watson Analytics

See how our technology that we offer can analyze the Gupta emails

Collabor8 has proven cloud and managed services product development, deployment, sales and support dating back to 2005.

We have a deep understanding of both the local and global markets with years of South African and Sub-Saharan experience.

Our focus is on analytics and related big data activities such as Internet of Things with drivers like content analytics and master data management. We also focus on the solutions that manage and provide compliance based structure and control. We provide

Master Data Management KYC / AML Fraud Detection
Process Control / Case Manager Remediation Solutions Data Extraction

Data Enrichment Analytics Internet of Things Hadoop

Content Management ...

We leverage Case Manager, content repositories, rules and analytics to provide compliance focused solutions for managing documents and records, business processes and providing accountability.